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Should I Stay or Should I Go? "Kicking the Tires" on your Next Move

Khoa Le
Jul 21 3 minutes read

There are a lot of recent headlines out there about the local real estate market. Prices remain high for those looking to buy. Existing homes for sale are lower than last year. Rates are higher than what we saw in 2020 & 2021.

People are wondering if they are better off "staying put" or "kicking the tires" on a potential move.

✅When to “stay put”:

Here are 3 scenarios where it makes more sense to stay put.

  1. You are happy with your home and plan on living there for the next 5 years or longer.
  2. You are locked in at a great fixed rate and are unable to afford the payment on a new home at the moment.
  3. You have only lived in your home for a short period of time and lack the built up equity to justify the moving costs.

✅When to “kick the tires”:

The one group who should entertain moving are those who want a new home but are worrying about finding the right one shortly after selling their existing place.

After all, no one wants to be left "scrambling" between houses.

Then, what should you do if you would like to move and have this concern?

 ✅Conversations and Experience Matter:

It really does depend on your situation. ( I know you've heard this before but it's 100% true in this case.)

After all, what may be causing the itch to move could be entirely fixeable and wouldn't warrant such a big change.

The good news is we have helped hundreds of clients over the years grapple with this very question of: "Should I stay or should I go"?

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It was my great pleasure to list our home with Khoa & her team of her husband and brother. They were able to get us the best record price in our area, which is a great help towards our new home purchase.
Being a parent with 2 little ones at home, I greatly appreciate the help with renovation, staging and the closing process. It was so well done that we got 5 multiple offers with no condition and short closing time.
I strongly recommend Khoa and her team.

- Vi Ngo

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